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Provost, Eleanor Roosevelt College
ERC Administration Building

All courses, faculty listings, and curricular and degree requirements described herein are subject to change or deletion without notice.

The Making of the Modern World/Writing Program

Eleanor Roosevelt College MMW Program ERC Administration Building

See “The Making of the Modern World” for Eleanor Roosevelt College writing.

Eleanor Roosevelt College Programs

Provost, Eleanor Roosevelt College
ERC Administration Building

There are two main components to the honors program at ERC: the First-year Student Honors Program and the Sophomore Honors Research Project. The First-year Student and Sophomore Honors programs at ERC have been established to provide exception­ally motivated and capable students with enhanced educational experiences in association with faculty and other honors students.

Selected new students are invited to enroll in the First-year Student Honors Seminar, ERC 20, for one unit of credit each quarter. During fall quarter, students meet with a variety of faculty members to learn more about their research and about academic enrichment opportunities at UC San Diego. Seminar mem­bers also participate in other enriching academic and cultural events. The First-year Student Honors Seminar continues during winter and spring quarters with faculty speakers who focus on international themes.

Sophomores who have earned a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.5 or higher have opportunities to pursue independent study with individual faculty for credit (ERC 92), a two-unit course offered in fall, winter, and spring.

At the upper-division level, students may qualify to enroll in honors programs offered by their major departments. These programs usually include research under the direction of a faculty mentor and the writing and presentation of an honors thesis.

UC San Diego’s reputation for excellence is also reflected in the numbers of students who enroll in departmental senior honors programs and who earn college or university honors or election to Phi Beta Kappa.

Eleanor Roosevelt College Global Service and Research Program

Eleanor Roosevelt College’s Global Service and Research (GSR) program combines academic study of a particular country with firsthand experience through service-learning abroad. GSR participants must have upper-division standing (or instructor consent) and departmental approval.

Prospective GSR students must contact the Making of the Modern World (MMW) program or ERC Student Affairs unit in early fall quarter to learn about program expectations and obligations to receive departmental approval to become a GSR participant. In winter quarter, students enroll in the two-credit Global Preparatory Seminar (ERC 192A) that provides a historical and cultural overview of the country destination to enhance students’ understanding of the context of their service learning.

Eleanor Roosevelt College strives to develop additional service learning projects for our students including applicable, preparatory course work and projects within the United States and across the globe whenever possible, either as unique ERC programs or from Global Seminars offered through UC San Diego Study Abroad. Much of the course work provided alongside of these opportunities can be applied toward general-education requirements as appropriate.

Eleanor Roosevelt College Math Service-Learning Program (MSLP)

Eleanor Roosevelt College, in partnership with UC San Diego CREATE, offers students from all colleges the opportunity to gain expert instruction on the pedagogy of tutoring mathematics in a public high school setting and placement in regional public high schools under the supervision of high school math teachers. This is offered through a quarterly seminar (ERC 89) on a pass no pass basis. UC San Diego students serve as tutors, mentors, and college-going role models inside and outside of the classroom.