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First-year Seminar Program

Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Education

All courses, faculty listings, and curricular and degree requirements described herein are subject to change or deletion without notice.

The First-year Seminar Program debuted in 2003–04 to offer students early intellectual contact with faculty members, spark their interest in a broad range of topics, and enrich the undergraduate experience at UC San Diego. These seminars create a unique classroom environment by providing new students with opportunities to engage in intellectual discussions with faculty and peers in a small supportive class setting, and by fostering the development of critical thinking and analytical skills. Incoming students are highly encouraged to enroll in First-year Seminars during their first year at UC San Diego. Students can select from an interesting and exciting array of seminars each quarter, designated by courses numbered 87 (e.g., PHYS 87).

Seminars offer one unit of credit and are graded Pass/Not Pass. Enrollment is limited to twenty students per seminar, with preference given to entering first-year students, and up to four seminars may be taken for credit.

Please visit the First-year Seminar Program website at for a description of seminars currently offered. This site also contains useful information, such as enrollment procedures for first-year students with advanced standing, and additional program details. Questions about a specific First-year Seminar should be directed to the department offering the seminar.