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Health Care—Leadership of Healthcare Organizations

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La Jolla Village Professional Center
8950 Villa La Jolla Dr., Suite A-212
(858) 534-9162

All courses, faculty listings, and curricular and degree requirements described herein are subject to change or deletion without notice.

Program Description

The master of advanced studies (MAS) in the Leadership of Healthcare Organizations provides depth and focus on management for healthcare professionals with an emphasis on clinical process improvement. The goal of the program is to prepare healthcare professionals to participate more effectively in the business decisions that affect the quality of patient care by teaching participants to deal with error prevention, process quality, and systems of care. Students gain the advanced knowledge and skills that are essential to manage escalating challenges in the competitive business environment of health care. The MAS program crosses many fields and clinical and administrative professions in the health industry, including medicine, nursing, mental health, dentistry, insurance, pharmacy, and other related areas. The program is appropriate for nurses, managers, physicians, allied health professionals, healthcare executives, and medical students as they assume more active roles in healthcare leadership and on management teams.

The MAS in the Leadership of Healthcare Organizations is a part-time or full-time, self-supporting degree program with an evening course schedule designed for working professionals. It is the first graduate degree of its kind within the University of California system. The UC San Diego graduate division confers the MAS and the Department of Family Medicine and Public Health in the UC San Diego School of Medicine is responsible for the academic management of the curriculum. UC San Diego Extension administers the program and provides student advising and career counseling services.


New students are admitted in the fall, winter, and spring quarter of each academic year. Prospective candidates should submit and complete the official UC San Diego online graduate application. For admission, payment of the application fee, statement of purpose, and unofficial transcripts from each institution attended after high school, three letters of professional recommendation, and a current résumé or curriculum vitae will be required. It is strongly recommended that candidates have a minimum of five years of professional experience in the healthcare industry. No GRE/GMAT is required.

International applicants must submit official scores from the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or (IELTS). The application deadlines are October 15, 2019 (winter), January 14, 2020 (spring), and June 1, 2020 (fall).

Program of Study

The degree program is designed to be completed in four quarters, two years, or three years, depending upon a participant’s time to devote to the program. Students can take the program part-time or full-time. Classes are typically scheduled in the evenings or weekends to meet the demands of working professionals. Students are required to complete forty-two units of required course work for the degree.

Required Courses

LHCO 202. Strategic Management and Organizational Change (4)

LHCO 203. Using and Managing Information and Information Technologies (4)

LHCO 204. Conflict Resolution, Negotiation, and Team Building (2)

LHCO 206. Topics in Financial Management/Decision Making (2)

LHCO 209. Outcomes and Quality Improvement (4)

LHCO 212. Statistics and Applied Decision Making (2)

LHCO 213. Financial Accounting and Analysis (2)

LHCO 215. Modern Health Care (2)

LHCO 216. Healthcare Leadership (4)

LHCO 217. Project Management for Healthcare Professionals (2)

LHCO 218. Professional Development Seminar: Mentorship and Assessment (2)

LHCO 219. Process Improvement in Health Care (4)

LHCO 220. Topics in Health Law (2)

LHCO 221. Current Topics in Healthcare (2)

LHCO 298. Independent Study Project (4)