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Clinical Psychology

All courses, faculty listings, and curricular and degree requirements described herein are subject to change or deletion without notice.


Gregory Aarons, Psychiatry

Niloofar Afari, PhD, In Residence/Psychiatry

Natacha Akshoomoff, PhD, Adjunct/Psychiatry

Catherine Ayers, PhD, Clinical/Psychiatry

Ursula Bellugi, EdD, Adjunct/Psychology

Mark W. Bondi, PhD, In Residence/Psychiatry

Kerri Boutelle, PhD, Clinical Pediatrics

David Braff, Emeritus/Psychiatry

Lauren I. Brookman-Frazee, PhD, UC San Diego Program Director/Psychiatry

Sandra A. Brown, PhD, Psychology/Psychiatry

Sandra J. Brown, PhD, HS, Clinical/Psychiatry

Kristin S. Cadenhead, MD, Psychiatry, Director, HRPP

Leslie J. Carver, PhD, Psychology

Mariana Cherner, PhD, In Residence/Psychiatry

Jody Corey-Bloom, MD, PhD, Neurosciences

Dean C. Delis, PhD, Emeritus/Psychiatry

Colin Depp, PhD, In Residence/Psychiatry

Lisa T. Eyler, PhD, In Residence/Psychiatry

J. Vincent Filoteo, PhD, In Residence/Psychiatry

Jay Giedd, PhD, Psychiatry

Tamar Gollan, PhD, In Residence/Psychiatry

Eric L. Granholm, PhD, In Residence/Psychiatry

Igor Grant, MD, Psychiatry

Deborah Harrington, PhD, Adjunct/Radiology

Robert K. Heaton, PhD, Emeritus/Psychiatry

Terry L. Jernigan, PhD, Psychiatry

Dilip V. Jeste, MD, Director, Stein/Psychiatry

John R. Kelsoe Jr., MD, Psychiatry

William S. Kremen, PhD, Psychiatry

Mark Kritchevsky, MD, Emeritus/Neuroscience

Ariel Lang, PhD, In Residence/Psychiatry

Gregory A. Light, PhD, In Residence/Psychiatry

Vanessa Malcarne, San Diego State University Program Director/Psychiatry

Thomas D. Marcotte, PhD, In Residence/Psychiatry

Brent T. Mausbach, PhD, In Residence/Psychiatry

Jeffrey E. Max, MBBch, In Residence/Psychiatry

Carrie McDonald, PhD, In Residence/Psychiatry

Paul J. Mills, PhD, In Residence/Psychiatry

Apri Minassian, Clinical/Psychiatry

David J. Moore, PhD, In Residence/Psychiatry

Leslie Morland, PhD, Clinical X/Psychiatry

Mark G. Myers, PhD, In Residence/Psychiatry

Marc A. Norman, PhD, HS, Clinical Psychiatry

Sonya B. Norman, PhD, Clinical X/Psychiatry

Barton Palmer, PhD, In Residence/Psychiatry

Barbara L. Parry, MD, PhD, In Residence/Psychiatry

Kevin Patrick, PhD, Family Medicine and Public Health

Thomas L. Patterson, PhD, Emeritus/Psychiatry

William Perry, PhD, In Residence/Psychiatry

Thomas Rutledge, PhD, In Residence/Psychiatry

Georgia R. Sadler, PhD, Emeritus, HS, Clinical Surgery

Sanjaya Saxena, PhD, In Residence/Psychiatry

Marc A. Schuckit, MD, Psychiatry

William J. Sieber, PhD, HS, Clinical Family Medicine and Public Health

Murray B. Stein, MD, In Residence/Psychiatry Emeritus

Steffanie Strathdee, PhD, Global Public Health/Medicine

Neal R. Swerdlow, MD, PhD, Psychiatry

Susan F. Tapert, PhD, In Residence/Psychiatry

Michael J. Taylor, PhD, Clinical/Psychiatry

Jeanne Townsend, PhD, Adjunct Emeritus/Neurosciences

Doris A. Trauner, MD, Neurosciences/Pediatrics

Elizabeth W. Twamley, PhD, In Residence/Psychiatry

Tamara Wall, PhD, In Residence/Psychiatry

Julie Wetherell, PhD, In Residence/Psychiatry

Christina Wierenga, PhD, In Residence/Psychiatry

Shu-Hong Zhu, PhD, In Residence/Family Medicine and Public Health

Sidney Zisook, MD, Psychiatry

Associate Professors

Leslie Anderson, PhD, Clinical/Psychiatry

Abigail Angkaw, PhD, Clinical/Psychiatry

Autumn Backhaus, PhD, Clinical/Psychiatry

Sarah Banks, PhD, Adjunct/Psychiatry

Andrew Bismark, PhD, Clinical/Psychiatry

Cinnamon Bloss, PhD, Psychiatry

David Salmon, PhD, In Residence/Psychiatry

Veronica Cardenas, Clinical/Psychiatry

Lisa Delano-Wood, PhD, Adjunct/Psychiatry

Neal Doran, PhD, Adjunct/Psychiatry

Sean Evans, PhD, Clinical/Psychiatry

Amanda Gooding, PhD, Clinical/Psychiatry

Eric Groessl, PhD, Adjunct Family Medicine and Public Health Adjunct Psychiatry

Moira Haller, PhD, Clinical/Psychiatry

Karen Hanson Bondi, PhD, Clinical/Psychiatry

Pia Heppner, PhD, Clinical/Psychiatry

Suzi Hong, PhD, Adjunct/FMPH/Psychiatry

Mark Jacobson, PhD, Clinical/Psychiatry

Joanna Jacous, PhD, Adjunct/Psychiatry

Amy Jak, PhD, In Residence/Psychiatry

Paul Krebs, PhD, Adjunct/Psychiatry

Heline Mirzakhanian, PhD, Clinical/Psychiatry

Raeanne Moore, PhD, Adjunct/Psychiatry

Dimitri Perivoliotis, PhD, Clinical/Psychiatry

Joshua Ruberg, PhD, Clinical/Psychiatry

David P. Salmon, PhD, In Residence/Neurosciences

Dawn Schiehser, PhD, Adjunct/Psychiatry

Alan Simmons, PhD, Adjunct/Psychiatry

Charlie Taylor, PhD, Adjunct/Psychiatry

Ryan Trim, PhD, Adjunct/Psychiatry

Assistant Professors

Katherine Bangen, PhD, Adjunct/Psychiatry

Natalie Castriotta, Clinical/Psychiatry

Maya D’Eon, Clinical/Psychiatry

Emily Edmonds, PhD, Adjunct/Psychiatry

Blaire Ehret, Clinical/Psychiatry

Victoria Farrow, Clinical/Psychiatry

Yuliana Gallegos Rodriguez, Clinical/Psychiatry

Frank Haist, PhD, Adjunct/Psychiatry

Matt Herbert, PhD, Adjunct/Psychiatry

Jennifer Iudicello, PhD, Adjunct/Psychiatry

Julia Kangas, Clinical/Psychiatry

Maria Marquine, PhD, Adjunct/Psychiatry

Cortney Mauer, Clinical/Psychiatry

Erin Morgan, PhD, Adjunct/Psychiatry

Tina Mayes, Clinical/Psychiatry

Benjamin McKenna, Clinical/Psychiatry

Tanya Nguyen, Clinical/Psychiatry

Henry Orff, Clinical/Psychiatry

Nicole Stadnick, Adjunct/Psychiatry

Scott Sorg, PhD, Adjunct/Psychiatry

Andrea Spadoni (Townsend), PhD, Adjunct/Psychiatry

Natalia Walsh, Clinical/Psychiatry

Matthew Worley, PhD, Adjunct/Psychiatry

Elizabeth Wrape, Clinical/Psychiatry

Zvinka Zlatar, PhD, Adjunct/Psychiatry