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Interdisciplinary Research on Substance Use

All courses, faculty listings, and curricular and degree requirements described herein are subject to change or deletion without notice.

Faculty for Joint Doctoral Program

University of California, San Diego

John Ayers, Associate Adjunct Professor, Medicine/Public Health, Big Data

Leonid Beletsky, Assistant Adjunct Professor, Medicine/Public Health, Law

Annick Borquez, Assistant Adjunct Professor, Medicine

Claire Bristow, Assistant Adjunct Professor, Medicine

Kimberly Brouwer, Associate Professor, Medicine/Public Health, Epidemiology

Peter J. Davidson, Associate Adjunct Professor, Medicine/Sociology

Rebecca Fielding Miller, Assistant Adjunct Professor, Medicine/Public Health, Qual

Tommi Gaines, Assistant Adjunct Professor, Medicine

Richard Garfein, Adjunct Professor, Medicine

Shira Goldenberg, Assistant Adjunct Professor, Medicine/Public Health

Natasha Martin, Associate Professor (and director), Medicine/Public Health, Modeling

Alison Moore, Professor, Medicine

Thomas Patterson, Professor and co-director, Psychiatry

Heather Pines, Assistant Adjunct Professor, Medicine/Family Medicine and Public Health

Eileen Pitpitan, Assistant Adjunct Professor, Medicine

Anita Raj, Professor, Medicine

Alexandra S. Roige, Assistant Adjunct Professor, Psychiatry

Marc Schuckit, Professor, Psychiatry

Argentina Servin, Assistant Adjunct Professor, Medicine

Yuyan Shi, Associate Professor, Family Medicine and Public Health

Jay Silverman, Professor, Medicine

Britt Skaathun, Assistant Professor, Medicine

David M. Smith, Professor, Medicine

Laramie Smith, Assistant Adjunct Professor, Medicine

Jamila Stockman, Associate Professor, Medicine

Steffanie Strathdee, Professor, Medicine

David Strong, Professor, Family Medicine and Public Health

Kiyomi Tsuyuki, Assistant Adjunct Professor, Medicine

Daniel M. Werb, Assistant Adjunct Professor, Medicine/Public Health

Shu-Hong Zhu, Professor, Family Medicine and Public Health

San Diego State University

Harsimran Baweja, Associate Professor, Exercise and Nutritional Sciences

Aaron J. Blashill, Associate Professor, Psychology

Dianne Ciro, Assistant Professor, School of Social Work

Heather Corliss, Professor, Public Health/H. Behavior

David Engstrom, Professor, Social Work

Salvador Espinosa, Associate Professor, Public Affairs

Susan M. Kiene, Associate Professor, Public Health/Epi/Biostats

Ksenija Marinkovic, Associate Professor, Psychology/Neuroscience

Iyas Masannat, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Social Work

Sarah N. Mattson, Professor, Psychology

Elizabeth A. Reed, Associate Professor, Public Health

Mark B. Reed, Professor, Social Work

Lianne Urada, Assistant Professor, Social Work

Susan Woodruff, Professor, Social Work

Keith Horvath, Associate Professor, Psychology