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Native American and Indigenous Studies Minor

All courses, faculty listings, and curricular and degree requirements described herein are subject to change or deletion without notice.

Core, Adjunct, and Affiliated Faculty (CAAF)

Sarah Aarons, Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Theresa Ambo (Luiseño/Gabrieliño/Tohono O’odham), Education Studies

Patrick Anderson, Communication and Ethnic Studies

Adam Burgasser, Physics

Julie Burrell, Theatre and Dance

Gabriela Caballero, Linguistics

Gloria Chacon, Literature

Tom Csordas, Anthropology

Kirstie Dorr, Ethnic Studies

Keolu Fox (Kanaka Maoli), Anthropology

Ross Frank, Ethnic Studies

Tommi Gaines (Diné), Medicine

Christine Hunefeldt, History

Roshanak Kheshti, Ethnic Studies

Andrew Jolivétte (Atakapa-Ishak Nation/Tsikip Band), Ethnic Studies

Elizabeth Newsome, Art History

Shaista Patel, Ethnic Studies

Heather Poncetti-Daly (lipay Nation Santa Ysabel), Environmental Studies and Ethnic Studies

Nancy Postero, Anthropology

Isabel Rivera-Collazo, Anthropology and Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Daphne Taylor-Garcia, Ethnic Studies

Kathryn Walkiewicz, Literature

K. Wayne Yang, Ethnic Studies

Community, Staff, and Student Advisory Council (CSSAC)

Elena Hood (Absentee Shawnee/Pauma/Choctaw), Intertribal Resource Center

Corrine Hensley-Dellefield (Catawba), Intertribal Resource Center

Joseph Ruanto-Ramirez (Abalen Aeta, Igorot, Lip, Moro), Student Life: SPACES and Student Initiated Access Programs and Services (SIAPS)