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Global South Studies

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Formerly known as Third World Studies. All courses, faculty listings, and curricular and degree requirements described herein are subject to change or deletion without notice.


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See listings also under the Departments of Anthropology, History, Literature, Political Science, and Sociology for other Global South area offerings.

Lower Division

GSS 20. Introduction to Global South Studies (4)

This introductory course examines historical and theoretical debates on the Global South. Especially important are socioeconomic, political, as well as cultural processes, as they are key factors to understanding the Global South across the globe.

GSS 21. Africa: History, Culture, and Politics (4)

This course is an introduction to the history, culture, and politics of Africa through multidisciplinary approaches and readings.

GSS 22. Latin America and the Caribbean: History, Culture, and Politics (4)

This course is an introduction to the history, culture, and politics of Latin America and the Caribbean through multidisciplinary approaches and readings.

GSS 23. China East Asia: History, Culture, and Politics (4)

This course is an introduction to the history, culture, and politics of China and East Asia through multidisciplinary approaches and readings.

GSS 25. Middle East: History, Culture, and Politics (4)

This course is an introduction to the history, culture, and politics of the Middle East through multidisciplinary approaches and readings.

GSS 26. South Asia: History, Culture, and Politics (4)

An introduction to the history, culture, and politics of South Asia through multidisciplinary approaches and readings.

GSS 27. South East Asia: History, Culture, and Politics (4)

An introduction to the history, culture, and politics of Southeast Asia through multidisciplinary approaches and readings.

Upper Division

GSS 132. Literature and Global South Societies (4)

This course will investigate novelistic and dramatic treatments of European society in the era of nineteenth-century imperialism, Global South societies under the impact of colonialism, and the position of national minorities inside the United States to the present day. Attention will center on the interplay between the aesthetic merits and social-historical-philosophical content of the works read.

GSS 190. Undergraduate Seminars (4)

Seminars will be organized on the basis of topics with readings, discussions, and papers. Specific subjects to be covered will change each quarter depending on particular interest of instructors or students. May be repeated for credit.

GSS 197. Fieldwork (4)

In an attempt to explore and study some unique processes and aspects of community life, students will engage in research in field settings. Topics to be researched may vary, but in each case the course will provide skills for carrying out these studies.

GSS 198. Directed Group Studies (2 or 4)

Directed group study on a topic or in a field not included in the regular department curriculum, by special arrangement with a faculty member. Prerequisites: upper-division standing.

GSS 199. Independent Study (2 or 4)

Tutorial, individual guided reading and research projects (to be arranged between student and instructor) in an area not normally covered in courses currently being offered in the department. (P/NP grades only.) Prerequisites: upper-division standing and consent of instructor. (F,W,S)

Global South studies offerings in affiliated departments (preapproved to count toward the Global South studies major or minor):


ANSC 136. Traditional Chinese Society

ANSC 137. Chinese Popular Religion

ANSC 142. Anthropology of Latin America

ANSC 165. Contemporary South Asia

Ethnic Studies

ETHN 142. Medicine, Race, and the Global Politics of Inequality


HIAF 111. Modern Africa since 1880

HIAF 112. West Africa since 1880

HIAF 113. Small Wars and the Global Order: Africa and Asia

HIAF 120. History of South Africa

HIAF 161. Special Topics in African History

HIEA 113. The Fifteen-Year War in Asia and the Pacific

HIEA 130. End of the Chinese Empire: 1800–1911

HIEA 131. China in War and Revolution: 1911–1949

HIEA 132. Mao’s China, 1949–1976

HIEA 137. Women and Family in Chinese History

HILA 100D. Latin America: Colonial Transformation

HILA 101. Nation-State Formation, Ethnicity, and Violence in Latin America

HILA 102. Latin America in the Twentieth Century

HILA 113D. Lord and Peasant in Latin America

HILA 114. Dictatorships in Latin America

HILA 115. The Latin American City: A History

HILA 120. History of Argentina

HILA 121A. History of Brazil through 1889

HILA 122. From Colony to Socialist Republic: Cuba

HILA 126. From Columbus to Castro: Caribbean Culture and Society

HILA 131. Mexico from Conquest to Modern Nation-Building

HILA 132. Modern Mexico: From Revolution to Drug War Violence

HILA 161. History of Women in Latin America

HILA 162. Special Topics in Latin American History

HINE 114. History of the Islamic Middle East



LTEN 188. Contemporary Caribbean Literature

LTEN 189. Twentieth Century Postcolonial Literatures

Spanish (texts read in Spanish)

LTSP 130B. Development of Latin American Literature

LTSP 133. Contemporary Latin American Literature

LTSP 134. Literature of the Southern Cone

LTSP 135A. Mexican Literature before 1910

LTSP 135B. Modern Mexican Literature

LTSP 136. Andean Literatures

LTSP 137. Caribbean Literature

LTSP 140. Latin American Novel

LTSP 141. Latin American Poetry

LTSP 142. Latin American Short Story

LTSP 172. Indigenista Themes in Spanish American Literature

Literatures of the World (texts read in English)

LTAF 110. African Oral Literature

LTAF 120. Literature and Film of Modern Africa

LTAM 110. Latin American Literature in Translation

LTAM 111. Comparative Caribbean Discourse

LTEA 100A. Classical Chinese Poetry in Translation

LTEA 100B. Modern Chinese Poetry in Translation

LTEA 110C. Contemporary Chinese Fiction in Translation

LTCS 133. Globalization and Culture

Political Science

POLI 130H. Vietnam: The Politics of Intervention

POLI 134A. Comparative Politics of Latin America

POLI 134B. Politics in Mexico

POLI 134D. Selected Topics in Latin American Politics

POLI 134N. Politics in Central America

POLI 144AB. Selected Topics in International Political Economy

POLI 146A. The U.S. and Latin America: Political and Economic Relations

POLI 150A. Politics of Immigration


SOCI 139. Social Inequality: Class, Race, and Gender

SOCI 158. Islam in the Modern World

SOCI 179. Social Change

SOCI 182. Ethnicity and Indigenous Peoples in Latin America

SOCI 185. Globalization and Social Development

SOCI 187. African Societies through Film

SOCI 188D. Latin America: Society and Politics

SOCI 188G. Chinese Society

SOCI 188J. Change in Modern South Africa

Students wishing to include additional related courses from these and other departments should consult a Global South studies adviser about the petition process.