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Middle East Studies

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All courses, faculty listings, and curricular and degree requirements described herein are subject to change or deletion without notice.

The Minor

The minor in Middle East studies is an interdisciplinary program aimed at a comparative study of the Middle East (including North Africa).

The program consists of seven courses (minimum twenty-eight units), of which at least five must be upper division. Three courses have to deal with the Middle East since the emergence of Islam, as listed here under “Core Courses.” The remaining courses may be chosen from either the core courses or the supporting courses; and they may be courses dealing with the ancient, medieval, or modern Middle East.

Students may choose to take a three-quarter (minimum twelve credits) sequence of a Middle Eastern language (in which case only four of the seven courses need to be upper division). All seven courses must be taken for a letter grade.

The courses that make up the minor must be approved by the student’s college and by the Middle East Studies Program.

Approved courses taken at other universities or through participation in the Education Abroad Program can be included as part of the minor by petition.


For course descriptions not found in the UC San Diego General Catalog 2022–23, please contact the department for more information.

Core Courses

ANSC 133. Peoples and Cultures of the Middle East

ANTH 199. Independent Study (Middle East Anthropology)

HINE 109. History of the Ottoman Empire

HINE 114. History of the Islamic Middle East

HINE 116. The Middle East in the Age of European Empires

HINE 118. The Middle East in the Twentieth Century

HINE 119. United States Mid-East Policy Post-WWII

HINE 120. The Middle East in the New Century

HINE 126. Iranian Revolution in Historical Perspective

HINE 127. History of Modern Turkey

HINE 128. History of the Middle East: The Early Medieval Period, 500–1000

HINE 129. History of the Middle East: The Late Medieval Period, 1000–1500

HINE 144. Topics in Middle Eastern History

HINE 145. Islam and Science: The History of Science in the Middle East (600–1950)

HINE 166. Nationalism in the Middle East

HINE 186. Special Topics in Middle Eastern History

HINE 199. Independent Study in Near Eastern History

HITO 105. Jewish Modernity from 1648 to 1948

LTWL 160. Women in Literature: Arabic Women in Literature and Society

POLI 121. Government and Politics of the Middle East

POLI 138D. Special Topics/Comparative Polities: The Arab-Israeli Conflict

SOCI 158. Islam in the Modern World

SOCI 188F. Modern Jewish Societies and Israeli Society

SOCI 188I. The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

SOCI 199. Independent Study (Middle East Sociology)

Supporting Courses

ANAR 141. Prehistory of the Holy Land

ECON 165. Middle East Economics

JWSP 1. Beginning Hebrew

JWSP 2. Intermediate Hebrew

JWSP 3. Intermediate Hebrew Continued

JWSP 101. Introduction to Hebrew Texts

JWSP 102. Intermediate Hebrew Texts

JWSP 103. Advanced Hebrew Texts

JWSP 104. Practicum in Advanced Hebrew

HIEU 117. Greece and the Balkans

HINE 108. The Middle East before Islam

HINE 112A/AL. Great Stories from the Hebrew Bible

HINE 112B/BL. Great Poems from the Hebrew Bible

HINE 113. Ancient Near East Mythology

HINE 160. Special Topics in the Bible and the Ancient Near East

HINE 162. Anthropology and the Hebrew Bible

HINE 170. Special Topics in Jewish History

GSS 25. Literatures of the Global South