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European Studies

[ program ]

All courses, faculty listings, and curricular and degree requirements described herein are subject to change or deletion without notice.


Georgios H. Anagnostopoulos, Professor, Philosophy

Amalia Arvaniti, Associate Professor, Linguistics

Eric Bakovic, Associate Professor, Linguistics

Ronald S. Berman, Professor Emeritus, Literature

Richard Biernacki, Professor, Sociology

Frank Biess, Associate Professor, History

John D. Blanco, Associate Professor, Literature

David O. Brink, Professor, Philosophy

Norman Bryson, Professor, Visual Arts

Nancy A. Caciola, Associate Professor, History

Craig Callender, Professor, Philosophy

Jim Carmody, Senior Lecturer with Security of Employment, Theatre and Dance

Steven Cassedy, Professor, Literature

Charles Chamberlain, Lecturer, Literature

William M. Chandler, Professor, Political Science

Alain Cohen, Professor, Literature

Ellen T. Comisso, Professor, Political Science

Jaime Concha, Professor, Literature

Wayne Cornelius, Professor Emeritus, Political Science and Center for Comparative and Immigration Studies

Stephen Cox, Professor, Literature

Thomas Csordas, Professor, Anthropology

R. Michael Davidson, Professor, Literature

Adriana De Marchi Gherini, Lecturer, Literature

Gerald D. Doppelt, Professor, Philosophy

Page duBois, Professor, Literature

Robert S. Edelman, Professor, History

Anthony Edwards, Professor, Literature

Fatima El-Tayeb, Assistant Professor, Literature

Thomas Gallant, Professor, History; Endowed Chair, History

Rosemary George, Associate Professor, Literature

Cathy Gere, Associate Professor, History

Amelia Glaser, Assistant Professor, Literature

Harvey Goldman, Professor, Sociology

Jean-Pierre Gorin, Professor, Visual Arts

Peter Gourevitch, Professor, Political Science

Jack M. Greenstein, Associate Professor, Visual Arts

Daniel Hallin, Professor, Communication

Mark Hanna, Assistant Professor, History

Michael O. Hardimon, Associate Professor, Philosophy

Jeffrey Haydu, Professor, Sociology

Marcel Henaff, Professor, Literature and Political Science

Ariana Hernandez-Reguant, Assistant Professor, Communication

Deborah Hertz, Professor, History; Endowed Chair, Jewish Studies

Germaine Hoston, Professor, Political Science

Alan Houston, Professor, Political Science; Provost, Eleanor Roosevelt College

Judith M. Hughes, Professor, History

Stephanie H. Jed, Professor, Literature

Monte Ransome Johnson, Assistant Professor, Philosophy

Dayna Kalleres, Assistant Professor, Literature

Hasan Kayali, Associate Professor, History

Grant Kester, Associate Professor and Chair, Visual Arts

Susan Kirkpatrick, Professor Emerita, Literature

Robert Kluender, Associate Professor, Linguistics

Todd Kontje, Professor, Literature

Lisa Lampert-Weissig, Professor, Literature

Martha Lampland, Associate Professor, Sociology

Lisa Lowe, Professor Emerita, Literature

Margaret Loose, Assistant Professor, Literature

Gerald Mackie, Associate Professor, Political Science

Victor Magagna, Associate Professor, Political Science

Babette Mangolte, Professor, Visual Arts

John Marino, Professor, History

George Mariscal, Professor, Literature

Isaac Martin, Associate Professor, Sociology

Luis Martin-Cabrera, Associate Professor, Literature

Marianne McDonald, Professor, Theatre and Dance

Louis A. Montrose, Professor Emeritus, Literature

Chandra Mukerji, Professor, Communication

Sheldon A. Nodelman, Professor, Visual Arts

W. Arctander O’Brien, Associate Professor, Literature

Esra G. Ozyurek, Associate Professor, Anthropology

Patrick Patterson, Associate Professor, History

Catherine Ploye, Lecturer, Literature

Michael Provence, Associate Professor, History

Babak Rahimi, Assistant Professor, Literature

Pamela B. Radcliff, Professor and Chair, History

Roddey Reid, Professor, Literature; Director, European Studies Minor

Samuel C. Rickless, Professor, Philosophy

David R. Ringrose, Professor Emeritus, History

Philip G. Roeder, Professor, Political Science

Akos Rona-Tas, Associate Professor, Sociology

John Rouse, Associate Professor, Theatre and Dance

Donald Rutherford, Professor, Philosophy

Andrew Scull, Professor, Sociology

Gershon Shafir, Professor, Sociology

Kathryn Shevelow, Professor, Literature

Matthew Shugart, Professor, Political Science

Janet Smarr, Professor, Theatre and Dance

Susan Smith, Associate Professor, Visual Arts

Lesley Stern, Professor, Visual Arts

Jane Stevens, Associate Professor, Music

Kaare Strom, Professor, Political Science

Tracy B. Strong, Professor, Political Science

Charles Thorpe, Associate Professor, Sociology

Cynthia M. Truant, Associate Professor, History

Eric Van Young, Professor, History

Pasquale Verdicchio, Associate Professor, Literature

Carlos Waisman, Professor, Sociology

Cynthia Walk, Associate Professor Emerita, Literature

Eric Watkins, Professor, Philosophy

Don Wayne, Associate Professor, Literature; Provost, Revelle College

John Welchman, Professor, Visual Arts

Eliot Wirshbo, Lecturer, Literature

Winifred Woodhull, Associate Professor, Literature

Kathryn A. Woolard, Professor, Anthropology

Oumelbanine Zhiri, Professor, Literature