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Film Studies

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All courses, faculty listings, and curricular and degree requirements described herein are subject to change or deletion without notice.


Julie Burelle, Theatre and Dance

Amy Sara Carroll, Literature

Lisa Cartwright, Visual Arts

Alain J.-J. Cohen, Literature

Jordan Crandall, Visual Arts

Zeinabu Davis, Communication

Andrew deWaard, Communication

Ben Dollar, Literature

Shlomo Dubnov, Music

Allan Havis, Theatre and Dance

Todd A. Henry, History

Erin Hill, Communication

Jaclyn Jemc, Literature, Lecturer

Dayna Kalleres, Literature

Curtis Marez, Ethnic Studies

Luis Martin-Cabrera, Literature

Daisuke Miayo, Literature

Dana Velasco Murillo, History

Hoang Tan Nguyen, Literature

Victoria Petrovich, Theatre and Dance

Babak Rahimi, Literature

Deborah Stein, Theatre and Dance

Ameeth Vijay, Literature

Alena Williams, Visual Arts