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Mathematics and Science Education

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All courses, faculty listings, and curricular and degree requirements described herein are subject to change or deletion without notice.


Jeffrey Rabin, University of California San Diego

Susan Nickerson, San Diego State University


University of California San Diego

Morana Alač, Communication

David Barner, Psychology

Stacey Brydges, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Adam Burgasser, Physics

Thomas Bussey, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Thandeka Chapman, Education Studies

R. Sekhar Chivukula, Physics

Sherice Clarke, Education Studies

Alan Daly, Education Studies

Amanda Datnow, Education Studies

John Eggers, Mathematics

Emma Geller, Psychology

Christopher Halter, Education Studies

Gail Heyman, Psychology

Stanley Lo, Cell and Developmental Biology

Lisa McDonnell, Cell and Developmental Biology

Claire Meaders, Cell and Developmental Biology

Mia Minnes, Computer Science and Engineering

Rafael Núñez, Cognitive Science

Melinda Owens, Neurobiology

David Quarfoot, Mathematics

Jeffrey Rabin, Mathematics

Elizabeth Simon, Education Studies

Laura Stevens, Mathematics

Caren Walker, Psychology

Haim Weizman, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Gabriele Wienhausen, Cell and Developmental Biology, Emeritus

San Diego State University

Matt Anderson, Physics

Leland Beck, Computer Science

Janet Bowers, Mathematics and Statistics

Marva Cappello, School of Teacher Education

Alexander Chizhik, College of Education

Fred Goldberg, Physics

Nick Johnson, School of Teacher Education

Scott Kelley, Biology

Regis Komperda, Chemistry and Biochemistry

Lisa Clement Lamb, School of Teacher Education

Rich Levine, Mathematics and Statistics

Joanne Lobato, Mathematics and Statistics

Stanley Maloy, Biology

Melissa Navarro, College of Education

Susan Nickerson, Mathematics and Statistics

Walter Oechel, Biology

Michael O’Sullivan, Mathematics and Statistics

Randolph Philipp, School of Teacher Education

Mary Pilgrim, Mathematics and Statistics

Chris Rasmussen, Mathematics and Statistics

Daniel Reinholz, Mathematics and Statistics

Donna Ross, School of Teacher Education

Katie Schenkel, School of Teacher Education

Melissa Soto, School of Teacher Education

Dustin Thoman, Psychology

Meredith Houle Vaughn, School of Teacher Education

Kathy Williams, Biology

Luke Wood, College of Education

William Zahner, Mathematics and Statistics